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Münster Heart Center Lecture for Eckhard Wolf


Prof. Dr. Eckhard Wolf is the laureate of the "Münster Heart Center Lecture". The prize, a sculpture by Dieter Sieger, was awarded to him on June 2, 2023 after a public lecture for his work in the field of xenotransplantation. With the prize, the Münster Heart Center Foundation annually honors internationally outstanding researchers. Wolf is the tenth laureate after Valentin Fuster (New York) in 2013, Axel Haverich (Hannover) in 2014, Peter Carmellet (Leuven) in 2015, Renu Virmani (Maryland) in 2016, Ulrich Dirnagl (Berlin) in 2017, Hermann Haller (Hannover) in 2018, Carole Warnes (Minnesota) in 2019, Josef Penninger (Vienna and Vancouver) in 2020, and Thomas Eschenhagen (Hamburg) in 2022.