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Promotion of five CiMM doctoral scientists


Five young scientists working on genetically engineered pig models @ CiMM successfully completed their doctoral project with the Rigorosum. Congratulations to:

Natascha Bachmann “Establishment and characterization of a size-reduced, diabetic pig model by minipig crossbreeding”
Lina Marie Fonteyne “Evaluation of emerging diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in a tailored pig model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy”
Melanie Janda “Modifier genes of the intestinal and respiratory phenotype in cystic fibrosis pigs”
Florian Jaudas “Do leukocytes have a predisposition for an altered immune response in cystic fibrosis? – A pilot study in the CFTR-/- pig”
Erik Ländström “Proteomic characterization of diabetic pig models - diabetic treatment effects on metabolic tissues”